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Sincerity and Relationship

At APM, we believe that establishing good relationships with our clients, our colleagues and the media is the key to success. We value our client's unique requirements as out own objectives. We help our clients to fulfil their capabilities and potential as an organisation and aim to find the best suitable financial and business solutions and strategy for our clients with sincerity. With our experience and expertise in finance and business, we are able to guide our clients through improving finances, debt restructuring, cash liquidation, joint ventures and listing on the capital market. 



Here, we pride ourselves in teamwork. Not only is this valid amongst our colleagues, but we also seek to work closely with our clients to accomplish a common goal. We consider APM as a strategic partnership to our clients.  


"Discipline, honesty and a strong work ethic are the ways of the APM staff."


  • 1991 - Asset Pro Management Co., Ltd. ("APM") was founded.

  • July 1991 - APM was registered as an advisory company.

  • June 1997 - The company commenced its full-scale operation as an Independent Financial Advisor.

  • 1999 - APM was approved by the Bank of Thailand's Debt Restructuring Committee as a financial advisor in debt restructuring. 

  • July 2006 - APM became a Licensed Financial Advisor, regulated under the Securities and Exchange Commission, Thailand (SEC).

  • June 2013 - The company expands to Lao PDR by establishing APM Lao Securities Co., Ltd.


Our Story


The Thai economy witnessed a major crisis in 1997. One of the causes of this crisis was the lack of vigilant planning, effective administration and a strong financial position of Thai businesses. As the economic bubble bursted, firms began to realise that what they needed was professional financial advice from qualified advisors who could assist in appropriate financial planning. Because of this, the role of the financial advisor became an indispensible component to running a successful business in Thailand. Ever since, many firms have resolved to appoint reliable and respectable financial advisory firms as their financial counselor, enabling them to conduct their businesses cautiously and prudently. 


Asset Pro Management Company Limited ("APM"), a financial advisory firm, was founded on 29th July 1991 by Khun Somphob Sakpunpanom, together with five other financial professionals. APM began its operation by providing a full-scale, personalised financial advisory service to its clients. Since then, the company has expanded its business and recruited more staff; many with great experiences in finance, project financing and investment banking, while others have worked at leading commercial banks and established securities firms. 


Furthermore, APM is one of the financial advisory firms, approved by the Debt Restructuring Committee, Bank of Thailand, as a firm qualified for providing Financial Debt Restructuring service to clients. Because of our trustworthy reputation, we have been formally appointed as a financial advisor to more than 50 companies. 


It is APM's policy to provide financial advisory service with full devotion to all of our clients. We deem it top priority to keep all activities as strictly confidential matters. At APM, all of our staffs aim to utilise their respective expertise to bring utmost benefit to our clients. 




Our Work

As Financial Advisor (FA), APM work includes:

  • Conducting analyses and surveys on the relevant industry and comparing them with our customer goals and status.

  • Performing a feasibility study of the project.

  • Recommending selective financial tools and solutions that suit the clients' objectives. 


We will work with customers to achieve their goals by:

  • Preparing required documents, carrying out due diligence and advising on financial structures, financial projections and investment structures. 

  • Recommending accounting firms, legal advisors and potential partners.

  • Coordinating with the client's auditor to have the financial statements reviewed and audited.

  • Coordinating with independent appraisal companies to have the client's properties properly appraised.

  • Coordinating with financial institutions

  • Coordinating with law firms to have all required contracts prepared

Scope of Our Services

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