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Our Services

As Financial Advisor (FA), APM work includes:-

  • Conduct analysis and survey of related industry comparing with customer goals and status.

  • Perform feasibility study of the project.

  • Recommend selective financial tools and solutions that fit to clients' purpose. 


We will work with customers to approach their goals by

  • Prepare required documents, engaged in due diligence and advise on financial structure, financial projection and investment structure. 

  • Recommend accounting firms, legal advisor firm and potential partners to customer.

  • Coordinate with client's auditor to have the financial statements reviewed and audited

  • Coordinate with independent appraisal company to have client's property properly appraised

  • Coordinate with financial institution

  • Coordinate with law firms to have all needed contracts prepared

Scopes of our financial services

Money Market Financial Services

- Loans arranger with financial institutions and/or private investors.

- Debt restructuring for companies and/or private individuals.

Capital Market Financial Services

- Finding joint venture with financial partners and/or strategic partners.

- Business takeover or M&A

- Financial advised for public listing on the SET or mai.

Others Financial Services

- Independent financial advisor

- Reorganized plan for rehabilitation companies

- Business/share valuations

- Project feasibility studies

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Financial Advisor (FA) :-


Financial institutions or companies approved by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) in providing services to other companies. The services are counseling, comments and preparing data for submission to the SEC, shareholders and the general public when shares are listed in Stock Exchange. Prepare a plan to fix financial position and results of operations of the company from the sale of stock or revoked.

Initial Public Offering (IPO)


Sale of new shares to the public for the first time. Companies may financing and distributing the shares to general public when they are looking for funding sources (other than loans) to expand the business. This must be made ​​through the company's securities as underwriter which was approved by the SEC as the "Issuer".


"Financial Advisor" will be consulted to

- Prepare prospectus accordance to SEC rules and regulation set forth for decision.  

- Provide complete, accurate information to enable investors to understand before deciding to subscribe for shares.

Loan Arranger


Advice on investment structure and prepare information for loan consideration.


Provide advisory services on 

- Shareholder's structure

- Business structure and strategy

- Effective management of client's asset

- Tax method which benefit client the most

- Rules and regulations of government agency



Joint Venture


  • Prepare information for joint venture consideration

  • Serch for potential investor, financial partner and strategic partner

  • Provide advisory services on 

- Form of joint venture

- Shareholder's structure

- Business structure and strategy

- Effective management of client's asset

- Tax method which benefit client the most

- Rules and regulations of government agency

Debt Restructuring


  • Prepare and present the debt restructuring plan

  • Provide advisory service on

    • effective management of clients' assets

    • Provide advisory service on tax-related issues which benefit clients the most

    • Rules and regulations of the government agency

Takeover or Merger and Acquisition


  • Prepare and present takeover plan

  • Involve in the negotiation

  • Provide advisory service on

    • proper shareholder's structure

    • Business structure and its strategy

    • Effective management of clients' assets

    • Tax method which benefit clients the most

    • Rules and regulations of the government agency

Independent Financial Advisor


- Search for financial needs of customers using Financial Need Analysis.

- Help customers set financial goals and plan to achieve that goals (Action Plan).

- The needs of a key customer (Customer Centric) and build long-term relationships with customers.

- Increasing the quality of service using win-win approach.

Other Services:-
Perform the company's share valuation
  • Discount Cash Flow Model

  • Net Asset Value (NAV)

  • P/E Ratio


Perform Feasibility Study

Coordinator for debtor and creditor
  • Coordinate with debtor and creditor for any possible solution

  • Informing debtor for the creditor's resolution

  • Coordinate and review debtor's documents required by creditor

  • Set up the creditor-debtor meeting and inform the related parties for the meeting

  • Coordinate with creditor and debtor for any transaction related to debt restructuring plan

  • Coordinate with creditor team and auditor in cash monitoring of debtor

  • Monitor the debtor's escrow account transaction

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